Learn about the key concepts that are used in WireBootstrap. Understanding the basic terms and parts of WireBootstrap will help you get started with the platform.

Cloud Gateway

The Cloud Gateway is a web service written for WireBootstrap hosted in Microsoft's Azure cloud.  It is the software bridge between client devices connected to the Internet and data stored in databases on-premise or in the cloud.


A Connector is a software program that runs on a computer with connectivity to both the source data to be used by WireBootstrap and the Internet with access to the Cloud Gateway service.

Data Source

A Data Source contains the configuration settings for connecting to a database or other data source.  At run-time, this object is translated into a connection string in order to connect to the database.


A DataSet is an object that contains all the parameters of a database query.   This object is converted into a query by a Connector at run-time and executed against a data source.

Presentation Component

Presentation Component (or just component) is an individual user interface element that is used to display data in some unique way.  Tables, charts, and KPIs are examples of components.  Data filters such as drop down and search lists are also considered components.

Data Widget

A Data Widget (or just widget) is the combination of a dataset and a presentation component.  Together they represent both the data and the display for what is to be consumed by end-users.


Page is a web page that contains one or more data widgets.  Pages have template and layout attributes that make them unique.  They also facilitate the communication between widgets on a page as users interact with data inside of them.