WireBootstrap runs in the cloud supporting secure access to any client device that can connect to the Internet including phones, tablets, and laptops.

In order to connect your data to WireBootstrap, a small software program (< 7Mb) called a Connector must be installed on at least one computer with access to your database(s).  WireBootstrap can then query your data from the cloud through this connector.  This connection runs over SSL on a standard HTTPS connection and doesn't require any special configuration.

Once installed,  you can connect and disconnect a connector from WireBootstrap using the Connector client.  You can see this status from WireBootstrap's Designer application running in the cloud.

Each connector also has a secret key that is used similar to a user password in order to connect to it.  You have control over this secret key and can change it any time from inside the Designer.  An IP whitelist can also be configured for a connector to control which client IP addresses are allowed to connect to the connector.

To get started, download a connector.

For details on installing and working with connectors, visit Installing a Connector.

Once connected, you can begin Working with Data Sources.

For details on this architecture, visit Connector Architecture.