What is WireBootstrap?

WireBootstrap is a unique approach to building and deploying data analytic dashboard solutions.  The platform leverages Twitter Bootstrap templates and components developed by commercial and free-lance graphics designers and front-end developers.  These assets are used today in thousands of production applications.  WireBootstrap brings all these resources together into one tool and makes it easy to get your data into them.

Why use WireBootstrap?

People are doing some really cool things with Bootstrap today building slick modern web applications.  Wire accelerates this, saving companies time and money.  It also addresses the biggest impediment to leveraging these assets - live access to databases.  Using WireBootstrap's unique data connector architecture, you can securely access your data in-place on your network or from a managed cloud database from any device that can access the Internet.  

What Databases does WireBootstrap support?

The current preview version of WireBootstrap supports both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases.

How much does WireBootstrap cost?

WireBootstrap is in Beta and the current software version is a public preview.  As such, licensing is currently being defined.  The following is a list of parameters being used to detail pricing and licensing.

  • Wire is a commercial initiative and will have fee based licensing options
  • There is a free-tier planned
  • Licensing will be based on some form of usage levels
  • There are no plans for any run-time user-based licensing