Use the Connectors tab to manage on-premise connectors instances.

A connector is registered with the system the first time it connects to the cloud gateway.  By default, it takes the name of the server as it's name.  Use this form's Name field to change the name of a connector.

A secret key is like a password for making calls from Internet devices to a connector.  This value, in combination with the connector id, is used to securely connect to a connector running on-premise through the cloud gateway.  Use this form's Secret Key field to change the secret key for a connector.

Another connector security option is IP Whitelisting.   An IP Whitelist is a list of client IP addresses that are allowed to connect to the connector.  This is an optional security measure.  Use this form's Whitelist field to add client IP addresses to authenticate requests.  Multiple addresses can be specified by separating each with a semicolon.  (i.e.;

Note: Keep in mind a user's internal IP address on a corporate network will be different than it's public IP address seen by WireBootstrap's cloud gateway.  Often times all clients on a given internal network will have the same public IP address.  Sites like will tell you your public IP address.

Both the secret key and the IP Whitelist are authenticated at the cloud gateway.  If a request does not meet either authentication condition, access is denied and an HTTP 401 response code is sent back to the requester.  The request is not sent to the connector.

For more on how connectors work visit Connectors.