Manage data sources from the Data tab.   

Once on the tab, select the option to either create a new data source or select an existing one to edit.

To begin working with a data source, select from the drop down list of Connectors.   The connector will get you to an on-premise server with access to the database.

Next, select from the list of supported database platforms.

Specify the name of the database server/instance.  Specify a port if required.

Specify a username and password to log into the database.

Or specify that the connector use Windows Integrated Security to log into the database.  To use this option, be sure that the Windows account hosting the WireBootstrap Connector Service on the machine hosting the connector has access to the database.  Visit Installing a Connector for details.

Last, press the Refresh button next to the Database field to see a list of databases available on the database server.

After selecting a database from the list, press the Test button to test the connection to the database.  Press the Save button to save your changes.  Use the Delete button to delete an existing database.

Pressing the Preview button will bring up a dialog with a list of tables and views in the database.  Selecting one from this Entity list will display the first few records for the entity.

With a data source created, next use the Data Model tab to tell WireBootstrap more about your data.