This article describes how to set up a Connector to query databases using WireBootstrap.  For details on the Connector Architecture, visit Connector Architecture.

Connector Install

To begin, you need a WireBootstrap account in order to connect a Connector Service instance to the cloud Gateway Service.  If you don't have an account, go to the on-line WireBootstrap Designer and sign up.

After signing up for an account, click here to download the Connector Service installation.

Next, run the installer.  This will install the Connector Service as a Microsoft Windows service as well as the Connector Client which is used to manage Connector Service instances.  A Connector Client can connect to any Connector Service on a local network.


The Connector Service must be installed on a computer running Microsoft Windows and that computer must have outbound connectivity to the Internet.  It does not need inbound connectivity and does not need to be public facing.

The Connector Service requires Microsoft.NET 4.5.2 or higher.  The installer will check for this requirement and prompt for install if necessary.

Connector Client

Once installed, open the Connector Client application.  The application needs to be run as a local administrator.  The short cut that gets installed on the Start menu is set up to run the client as a local administrator.

Enter your account email address and press Connect to connect the client to the local instance of the Connector Service that was also just installed.  At this point, the Connector Service is not connected to the Cloud Gateway.  Press Connect Server to Gateway to connect the Connector Service to the Cloud Gateway.  You will see the ON-LINE label turn green to indicate that the service is now connected.

Press Disconnect Server from Gateway to disconnect from the Gateway and take Connector Service off-line.

If using a proxy server to connect to the Internet, use the Advanced tab to configure the proxy.

Once connected, the Connector Client application can be closed and the user logged off of the machine.  The service connections persist in the background as long as the computer hosting them is on and the WireBootstrap Connector Service Windows service is started.


Press the Designer button to open the on-line WireBootstrap Designer.

Login and navigate to the Connectors tab.  Look for the green check box showing connector services under your account that are on-line.  For more on managing connectors in Designer, visit Designer - Connectors.