WireBootstrap's Connector system let's any Internet connected device access data on a corporate network securely through a firewall without a VPN or other special network configuration.  Enterprise data can be accessed directly through WireBootstrap's secure cloud gateway over a standard secure (SSL) HTTPS connection without being moved or copied from it's source location.


The Connector system architecture consists of two server tiers - the cloud gateway and the on-premise connector service.  These two services communicate with one another in their respective locations to facilitate accepting query requests from Internet connected client devices, executing them against on-premise databases, and then returning the results back to the clients.

Connector Service

The Connector Service runs on-premise as a Microsoft Windows service on a corporate network with access to data.  The connector service requires outbound Internet access.  

A given connector goes on-line by connecting via HTTPS to the WireBootstrap cloud gateway.  This connection is initiated from the Connector Client.  The connector client is a Microsoft Windows desktop application used to manage connector service instances.  A connector can also be taken off-line using the connector client.  

Once on-line, a connector service takes requests for data from the cloud gateway.  It builds and executes queries against data sources and returns the results to the cloud gateway.

For details on setting up a connector instance, visit Installing a Connector.

Cloud Gateway

The Cloud Gateway is a service hosted on Microsoft's Azure cloud platform that accepts query requests for data from Internet connected devices.  This cloud service facilitates secure communication between Internet devices and on-premise connector service instances.

Requests to the cloud gateway are authenticated with a connector identifier and a secret key using basic authentication over SSL/HTTPS.  A connector identifier is dynamically assigned to a connector instance the first time a connector goes on-line with the cloud gateway.

IP Whitelisting can also be set up for access to the cloud gateway from client devices.  An IP Whitelist provides an additional level of security by only accepting requests of client devices from specific IP addresses.  

After authenticating a request, the cloud gateway passes it to the target connector for execution, waits for a response, and then returns the results to the client.


The connector client is responsible for managing a connector's connection to the cloud gateway.  This includes taking a connector on and off-line and setting up any Internet connection settings such as proxy details.  The Connectors page in WireBootstrap's cloud hosted Designer application is where the Name, Secret Key, and Whitelist are maintained for a connector.  Visit Designer - Connectors for details.